Monday, October 15th, 2018

The Volunteer Program at Caldwell County Hospital was established in July 1993. The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to promote and advance the welfare of Caldwell County Hospital and the people it serves through ways approved by the Administration of the hospital. Its purpose shall be accomplished by interpretation of the hospital to the public, through service to the hospital and its patients and through fund raising. The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to help attain and maintain in the hospital an atmosphere of care and service. The Volunteers work closely with the staff and Administration to support the mission of the hospital.

The Volunteers Program continues to grow in size and strength. Several pieces of equipment and many services have been donated to the hospital through the dedication and effort of the Volunteers. Financial contributions have been made possible through various fund-raising activities.

The Volunteers are found in most departments of the hospital including Radiology, Surgery, Home Heath, Medical Records, Central Supply, Human Resources, Pharmacy, and Cardiopulmonary. Volunteers perform any non-certified service which frees up the certified personnel.

For more information about becoming a member of the Volunteers at Caldwell Medical Center, contact: Sheria Adams, Administration, at (270) 365-0321.